In House Closing Department

RE/MAX Legacy is proud to promote one of our greatest assets to you, our in house closing and trust department ran by our Trust Coordinator Reyna Molina and our Attorney at Law Luis Arrinaga.


After many years of using an outside closing company we decided that in the best interests of our clients it was time to create a department that gave us a better ability to communicate directly with our clients and quarantee a safe and secure transaction.


Communication has shifted with this new department and we are no longer at the mercy of the outside representation. Our client has a direct line of communication in house for answering questions and receiving responses in a timely manner.


After the closing there is a period of time while the process is taking place within the bank. Many times clients are left in the cold by the representing brokerage due to commissions already being paid but for us we understand this is a crucial time. We created this to serve our client before, during and after.


The greatest asset to you and this department is Reyna Molina. With extensive knowledge of the process as well as the culture and ability to work in all types of situations she has taken this department to a whole new level.


Reyna Molina
In House Closing Coordinator